The top 5 local ranking factors for 2023


Although there has been a proliferation of AI bots in recent years, Google remains as popular as ever.

While AI bots may have more answers to questions than Google, when it comes to accuracy, Google is unparalleled.

Regarding ranking accuracy, utilizing Google to its fullest potential becomes crucial. Are you maximizing your use of Google?

In the current digital age, every business is vying for prominence online, competing to be at the forefront of their respective industries.

Just like any other business, you want to keep yours ahead of the competition, and at times, you may want to enhance your local ranking through local promotion efforts.

As 2023 has begun, the world has advanced further into digital technology.

As new technologies are emerging, it is becoming more effortless to gather information about one’s business from anywhere in the world.

However, when it comes to promoting your business locally, Google My Business (now known as Google Business Profile) should be the primary focus. Despite the change in name, it remains a highly beneficial tool for improving local ranking.

Let’s refresh our understanding of Google Business Profile.


Overview of Google Business Profile


Google Business Profile is widely known as a local business directory, but from an SEO perspective, it functions as a local search engine. By incorporating SEO techniques and utilizing Google Business Profile, you can achieve a top local ranking for your business.

Let’s not just focus on grandiose ideas, but take a look at some points brought up by an expert in a web from Australia.

  • 90% of internet users consult Google Business Profile reviews prior to reaching out to any business operator.

  • The majority of local businesses with a Google Business Profile receive at least 1000 visitors to their profile.

  • A properly established Google Business Profile has a higher chance of ranking well in local search results.

Improving the ranking factor of Google Business Profile is a crucial step in boosting the local ranking of a business.

Before making any efforts to enhance the ranking factor of Google Business Profile, it is essential to understand how its ranking system operates.


The Operation of Google Business Profile Ranking


The way Google Business Profile ranking operates is through the use of the same search algorithm as Google. This algorithm considers the relevancy and context of the query made during a search, resulting in relevant results.

Grasping the workings of Google Business Profile ranking can be challenging, but fear not as we will be breaking it down into manageable sections in the following sections. This way, understanding will become effortless for us.




Similar to Google’s reputation for presenting relevant results, Google Business Profile places a strong emphasis on relevancy as well.

When we search for something on Google, the business profiles that match the query are also displayed through Google Business Profile.

To ensure that our business profile in Google Business Profile ranks high in local searches, it’s important to include keywords and phrases that are relevant to our business. By doing so, our profile will be more easily matched with relevant search queries.




Google Business Profile places equal importance on both quality and relevance in its ranking algorithm.

Google Business Profile places equal importance on quality as well as relevance when ranking a business profile. It evaluates the authenticity and credibility of the information that has been added to the profile by the owner.

To ensure a high ranking in Google Business Profile, it is important to accurately and correctly enter all the details of your business in the profile. This will help to improve your profile’s ranking on the basis of quality.


Context and Setting:


Having a website for your business can greatly benefit your Google Business Profile ranking, as Google gives more weight to profiles that have a website for reference.

Google evaluates the information displayed on your business website to determine its trustworthiness and authenticity.

Google takes into account the search history to elevate a business profile’s local ranking, viewing it as a reference.

Having a strong digital presence is crucial for the success of a local or small business in today’s world.

To determine the local digital success of your business, we have provided a list of questions that you can answer.

Determining the Local Success of Your Business

  • Has your business appeared in the top 3 spots on SERP pages multiple times?

  • How frequently does your business appear on the first page of Google Business Profile search results?

  • Has your business been included in Google’s business directory, the Google Business Profile?

  • Have you received any leads or inquiries through your Google Business Profile listing?


Local Ranking Factors


The local ranking factor is a metric that search engines like Google use to evaluate the relevance and significance of a business in a specific geographic area. Here are some of the key and crucial local ranking factors for your business.


Google Business Profile:


Are you aware of the importance of having your business listed on online local directories? By including your business name, address, and phone number, you can increase its visibility and credibility to potential customers.

Google Business Profile serves as an online directory for businesses, where you can list important information such as your business name, contact number, address, operating hours, and website.

Google Business Profile, being a Google service, recognizes every business profile created on it as a reputable business. Thus, a complete and well-informed Google Business Profile is considered a crucial factor in determining the local ranking in 2023.




If relevance is considered a local ranking factor, a search engine will only display information related to the user’s query when the person enters it.

For instance, if a user conducts a search for custom t-shirt printing near their location in Google or another search engine, they will be presented with businesses that offer custom t-shirt printing services and are located in close proximity to the user.

Therefore, if your business does not offer custom t-shirt printing and you’ve listed it in your online profile, there is a lack of relevance. This can ultimately reflect negatively on your business.




The proximity factor in local ranking refers to the closeness of a business to the searcher’s location.

When a user performs a search for a business in Google, the businesses that appear on the first page are typically those that are closest to the searcher’s location. This highlights Google’s priority for proximity in its local business ranking.


On-page optimization:


The structure and content of a business website play a crucial role in search engine optimization, and on-page optimization is the foundation of this.

On-page optimization plays a crucial role in elevating the search ranking of a website, and it is a well-known fact.

On-page optimization remains a crucial aspect of improving the local search ranking of a business website.

By improving the structure of the website and carefully crafting its content, including title tags and metadata, businesses can enhance their local search ranking.




Citations are generally understood as business directories like Just Dial and India Mart.

Having citations that include your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) listed on business directories like Just Dial or India Mart can significantly enhance your local ranking and increase visibility on the search engine result pages, ultimately leading to more visitor traffic.

It is crucial to verify that all information about the business, including the name, address, and phone number (NAP), is accurate when mentioned on any other website.




To sum up, it is crucial to ensure that the business information on your website and Google Business Profile is accurate and well-designed. This can significantly boost your local ranking and increase your visibility for local searches, thereby reaching more potential customers. By optimizing the key local ranking factors mentioned above, you can maximize your chances of success.